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Featured Products

Dynamo & Twister Babies

3 weeks old!

If you are interested in one of the following puppies, please e-mail us at

[email protected] for information and an adoption application.

We evaluate puppies at 8 weeks old for show potential, at that

time decisions will be made as to which puppies will

best match up with which applicant. All companion quality puppies are

sold with a spay/neuter agreement.

The Boys

Flashy Fawn Boy (Double Dark Haws)

Classic Fawn Boy 1 (Einstein) (Double Dark Haws)

Classic Fawn Boy 2 (Double Dark Haws)

Flashy Brindle Boy (Double Dark Haws)

Classic Brindle Boy (Double Dark Haws)

The Girls

Classic Brindle Girl 1(Double Dark Haws)

Classic Brindle Girl 2 (1 white haw)